Annual exhibition

27 April until 4 November 2018


Mystical Orient

The mystical Orient – the countries and cultures along the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea – was already considered the centre of the world and the focal point of cultural and scientific knowledge thousands of years before the founding of the Roman Empire. The vivid paraphrase “Ex oriente lux” – light comes from the East – gave the Orient its name. Similarly, light came to Europe, the so-called “Land of Barbarians”, in the form of knowledge and wisdom, culture and lifestyle from the 6th century BC onwards.

Sciences such as astronomy, astrology, mathematics, philosophy and medicine as well as the four world religions – Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism – originate in this legendary region, today referred to as the Near and Middle East. The world’s oldest library and university were also situated there.

Europe was always full of admiration for this foreign world that grew increasingly captivating and intriguing over the course of the millennia. Mythical treasures, exquisite artefacts, strange goods, arts and aptitudes captured the interest of the Occident. Exquisite herbs and seasonings, medicinal plants, beguiling fragrances, fairytale-like jewellery and gemstones, ornate fabrics and carpets and countless other things became coveted objects of desire, the possession of which was deemed a sign of open-mindedness and sophistication.

Just like the consumption of oriental coffee and tea has become indispensable, the Orient has had a lasting effect on occidental living spaces for thousands of years and left its indelible traces.

With a display area of nearly 1,000 square metres, this year’s exhibition at Halbturn Palace offers a unique insight into this formidable culture. Over 600 exhibition objects tell the story of a stunning world that appeals to all the senses and has the power to enchant. Installations true to the original, such as a densely outfitted bazaar as well as the reproduction of a harem, allow you to experience everything up close and demonstrate that the former lure and magic of the Orient are alive to this day.


Mystical Orient

(Annual) Exhibition at Halbturn Palace

27 April to 4 November 2018

Tuesdays to Sundays as well as holidays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.



Schloss Halbturn and its baroque park are just 45 minutes from Vienna and Eisenstadt. The site’s culinary and cultural offering make it a great place to take a day trip, any time of year! You can also recover here after a shopping trip to the designer outlet in Parndorf, which is only 15 minutes from Halbturn.
Combine your time at the exhibition with a trip to the “Antikes und Wein” wine store, or enjoy the excellent cuisine of the Knappenstöckl restaurant.  Please contact us for your individual program at kulturverein [at] schlosshalbturn [dot] com.

Opening Times:
27th April – 4th November 2018
Tuesday to Sunday and public holidays 10am to 5pm
Groups by appointment daily

Ticket price per person:
Regular admission: EUR 9,-
Groups of 15 people: EUR 7,-
Seniors, students, army recruits: EUR 7,-
Pupils (up to 18 years old): EUR 6,-
Familiy ticket (children up to 15 years old included): EUR 19,-
Guided Tour: EUR 2,-

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