Events in a historical setting


Baronin WaldbottArt and culture have a very special status at Halbturn Palace.

Cultural events such as the annual Exhibition and Concerts are part of the tradition of the house.

“Lippizan & Friends”, “Garden Delight” and the “Pannonian Christmas Market” have become an attraction and institution for an enthusiastic multitude of visitors.

Behind all these unique events organised with great dedication is one name: Baroness Marietheres Waldbott-Bassenheim

In 1994 Baroness Waldbott-Bassenheim founded the “Halbturn Palace Cultural Society” which she has chaired since. With the support of aspiring employees, culturally minded friends, the members of the Cultural Society and state and municipal sponsorship, she has managed to produce unforgettable events and series of concerts for a national and international audience.

Apart from art and culture, supporting the needy has always been a concern for Marietheres Waldbott-Bassenheim, and so for years she has been supporting the Burgenland Maltese Hospital Service with the net proceeds from the “Pannonian Christmas Market”.

Anyone who knows this well-travelled lady, knows that Burgenland has long had a place in her heart. Her “Burgenland cookery” and “Burgenland wine” published in 2006 by Roetzer Verlag are examples of this. Both books are illustrated by Gottfried Kumpf.

Halbturn Palace, a place to encounter and examine the past, present and future, is always worth a visit.

See below for an overview of coming events.

We look forward to welcoming you to Halbturn Palace.