LipizzanerHome200x200LIPIZZANER & FRIENDS
17. August 2014, 14.00 o´clock

On 17th of August, the Burgenland grounds will become a dance floor for the noble steeds. The Halbturn Palace Cultural Society and the Austrian Lipizzaner Breeding Association invite you to their spectacular horse show at Halbturn Palace. Be enchanted by the gracefulness and elegance of these extraordinary horses. more »

4th Juli – 23rd August 2014, 19.30 o´clock

Following on from the highly succsesful “40 years of concerts in Halbturn” jubilee season last summer, the 5th decade will start with a richly diverse concert programme and top-class artists in the atmospheric Freskensaal and the baroque church at Halbturn. more »

teaser_aus_websiteEXHIBITION 2014
Through the mirror of others
Humanity´s shared heritage

As part of an extraordinary exhibition, Schloss Halbturn presents in cooperation with the Human ethology group of the Max-Planck Institute for Ornithology, the innovative findings on the common heritage of people and groundbreaking investigations of the famous founder of human ethology – research on human behaviour – Prof. Dr. Irenäus Eibl-Eibesfeldt and his colleagues. more »

Castell-ruedenhausen200x200PALACE GARDEN

Halbturn Palace, the most important baroque building in Burgenland, was once used as a hunting lodge and summer residence by the imperial family. With its grand palace park, the palace in Seewinkel is one of the most valuable historical tourist destinations in the country. more »

Deckenfresko200x200CEILING FRESCO
Highlight at Halbturn Palace

One special jewel in the palace is the ceiling fresco “Allegory of Time and Light”, which was given to the archduchess Marie Christine in 1765 as weeding present from Franz Anton Maulbertsch. more »